In Loving Memory of Our…

Mother Julie, aunt Diane and grandmother Marlene who lost their battle to cancer partial proceeds from your wedding gown purchase will be donated to a non-profit organization, dedicated to research and recovery for women-specific cancers.

Mother Julie

Our mother was a strong, loving, selfless woman. She had a heart of gold, and would help anyone in need, that’s why we chose to donate to the Cancer Recovery Foundation Women’s Cancer Fund in her memory. We believe that she would want to help as many women in need that are fighting cancer. She lost the fight to uterine cancer, and we miss her dearly but she left her stamp on this world, she gave everything she had, and in return touched many peoples lives.

Aunt Diane

Our aunt was a strong-minded, one-of-a-kind woman. The Diana Collection is bold and unique just like her. We chose to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in her memory because she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 30’s and ultimately lost the fight to cancer.

Grandmother Marlene

Our grandmother was a loving, nurturing woman. We chose to donate to the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, Gynecological Cancers in her memory because she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.